Taking part in a culinary competition for people with disabilities

With her favorite pancakes and delicious muffins Stanislava, who lives in one of our Small Group Homes, took part in the European culinary competition for people with disabilities Cupid’s Spoon. It took place in Sofia at the end of February. The competition was organized by the Croatian association UNUO, an organization which provides gastronomic training for people with disabilities. Behind the cause are the popular Croatian chef Vedran Habel and his wife Silvija Habel. So far, they have held more than 1 000 workshops for people with disabilities, and many of the participants have found full time work thanks to the skills they have acquired during these training sessions.

The goal of the competition is to raise awareness about the potential of people with disabilities and the way they can become more independent with the right attitude and support. With this mission, Cupid’s Spoon is touring all 27 EU capitals in a specially adapted gastro truck.

Cooking is a favorite activity for Stani. She is constantly improving her skills during our culinary workshops which are part of the foundation’s occupational therapy program. Through these workshops, Stani and the other young people in our centers learn to grow and prepare their own food, an activity which brings them great pride and satisfaction.

For the competition, Stani chose to prepare two of her favorite desserts – delicious chocolate pancakes and fluffy vanilla muffins. She decorated the pastries with great precision using fruit, sliced almonds, sugar icing, cream and chocolate. During the competition she was supported by our occupational therapist Lily, with whom she works regularly on various projects.

Stani presented the desserts to the judges who were impressed with the taste, arrangement and her overall presentation. Taking part in the gastronomic experience brought her a lot of excitement. We will continue to support her on her journey to self-dependence.


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