Who do horses help?

Working with horses is a proven method for improving the health of people with disabilities

Going to work – a story about a dream come true

He was born in a small country in Eastern Bulgaria. He doesn’t know his dad, whom he is named after, and he has seen his mom only once. His whole childhood passed in one of those big and unhappy children homes for orphans, situated in a desolated village in northern Bulgaria, a place one would […]

A story about a trip to Germany, a few repaired cars and an important decision

We love it when the stories are a mix of inspiration, pride in our accomplishments and the drive for bigger achievements. Some time ago, we told you about the success of one of our boys, Hristo*, in the Best Mechanical Engineering Technician National Competition. His good performance in this competition and his strong interest in […]

An adventure changed the lives of two boys

Growing up without a family is one of the biggest challenges that you may face in life. This is how things are for Y. and S.* for whom this is how life has been since their early childhood. But despite all the storms they have been through, they don’t stop striving for a better future, […]

A day in the life of a reporter

The Annual Meeting of the National Network for Children took place at the end of June in the town of Hisarya. George and Peter, two of the boys living in a residential home, participated and were supported by their team lead Maya Coneva. During the event, they took part in the educational panels and discussions. […]

Donate a smile

This is Danny! He is one of the children for whom we are currently raising funds in the “Bulgaria donates” campaign. He was abandoned immediately after his birth and spent the first 9 years of his life in an institution where he was diagnosed with “Severe mental retardation.” Despite his age, when he came to […]

Live it to learn it: Experiential learning camp in Stara Planina

Each of us has encountered the maxim that true knowledge derives from the immediate experience, not the experience of others. That is why we at Cedar strive to encourage the children and young people in our centers to gain knowledge and develop skills from their own experiences. We motivate them to go out of their […]