(Un)expected Journey

(Un)expected Journey
July 22, 2021 Адриана Гоцова

In mid-July, after more than a year of no travelling due to the pandemic, the youth from one of our family centers in Kazanluk had the great opportunity to visit Veliko Tarnovo. This
happened thanks to a business lady from the city and her clients. Mrs Nedyalka Bangieva
suggested putting a donations box in her shop, and with the help of her clients, she managed to collect the resources for this excursion with which she hoped to make the children and adolescents in our centers happy.
Affected by this inspiring example of Mrs Bangieva, her client, Jemile Kasabova, and others who took part in the initiative collected resources for a two-day trip to Veliko Tarnovo, which involved cultural, historical, and natural landmarks.

The excursion to our old capital inspired a lot of positive emotions and impressions. The youth visited the museum “Zatvor” (Prison), the Multimedia Center “Carevgrad Tarnov”, the museum “Konstancalieva Kushta”, the architectural-museum reserve “Tsarevets”, the park “Mini Bulgaria”, and the Ethnographic Museum “Etara.” During their visit, they had the opportunity to learn about Bulgarian history, culture, and lifestyle; to meet knew people; to see places beyond their knowledge.

We are happy that all of the participants went home content, with new inspiration and
knowledge. We would like to thank everyone who donated and the ladies who took their time to
make this trip happen. We believe that this act of goodness is infectious and attracts people, but the most important outcome is the example given to these children.