On the road to independent living – the difficulties and the small big successes

This year Hristo* will finish school and will have to go his own way. He will not rely on parental support like the youngsters who grew up in a family. He won’t be able to return home on holidays and in times of need.

But we believe we have given him confidence and helped him to follow his dreams, be persistent and not give up. And one of his dreams is to create something to help the world.

This is one of our boys. Smart, talented and a fighter. He has had an interest in technology since he was a kid, and anything that can be taken apart and repaired. He helped out in his uncle’s car service when he was young and still has a passion for machinery and cars. He is also good at math, enjoys chemistry and art.

This is his last year at the vocational school where he studies. With great desire and enthusiasm, he took part in the first round of the “Best Technician in Mechanical Engineering” competition organised by his school, which was held at the end of February. Together with the other participants, he solved a 20-question test on general technical training and two applied tasks. He came home satisfied with his performance and, predictably for us, qualified for the next round.

The competition is included in the MES calendar and has been declared national since 2009, and started to be held annually since 1999 at the Gorno Oryahovo Technical High School, following an idea of the Milen Grigorov Foundation. The winners receive a certificate for admission without an entrance exam to the Technical Universities in the country.

“If I enrol to study and gain more knowledge, I will have the opportunity to do electrical engineering and become a mechanic.” This is what Hristo shared with us in a conversation some time ago.

We wish him to prepare well for the upcoming competition and know that when one has a goal, achieving it is only a matter of time.

*Name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.


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