A story about a trip to Germany, a few repaired cars and an important decision

We love it when the stories are a mix of inspiration, pride in our accomplishments and the drive for bigger achievements.

Some time ago, we told you about the success of one of our boys, Hristo*, in the Best Mechanical Engineering Technician National Competition. His good performance in this competition and his strong interest in the field of engineering and mechanical engineering was the reason for him to be selected by his school to participate in an international project under the Erasmus+ programme in the Vocational Education and Training sector.

The “Drip Energy Model” project involved a two-week visit to Germany for an exchange experience with visits to BMW and Porsche factories – a dream for every single boy who is passionate about cars like Hristo.

Hristo went to Germany at the beginning of April and came back fascinated by everything – the orderliness and cleanliness, the well-kept parks and beautiful buildings, the attitude of the people and their discipline. This was his first trip outside Bulgaria and by plane, which added a lot of impressions and excitement to the whole experience.

But what he was most excited about was how much could be learned in such a short time. All the project participants were accommodated in a mansion in the town of Schkeuditz. All the activities took place at the same place and included car repairs in the mansion’s workshop, as well as games and activities after an exciting day at work. The experience that Hristo and his classmates gained during their two weeks in Germany was unique, especially since it could not be compared to the practices in a school environment. This experience broadened his horizons and allowed him to see his own development in a new light.

Unfortunately, the epidemic situation did not allow the participants to visit BMW and Porsche factories, which was the original intention of the project. But Hristo had the opportunity to go to Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. He has been able to see the Johann Sebastian Bach monument, the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Station and the Golden Horseman in Dresden, as well as visiting an art gallery. It was the first time he had seen mounted police.

In addition to a certificate of participation in the project, Hristo came back confident that he wanted to continue his professional development in the field of mechanics and electrical furnishing. He will apply to the Technical University after his graduation in May.

We wish him good luck and perseverance in pursuing his dreams and believe that he will face every challenge and difficulty as he always has so far.

We wish you wings! And don’t stop pursuing your goals, dear boy!


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