Laughter Without Borders with Clowns Without Borders Germany

“Clowns from Germany have emailed us and want to present their show in front of us.” – this is how our story with Clowns Ohne Grenzen (Clowns Without Borders) Germany started a few months ago. What show? What are these clowns? What is their goal? There were a lot of questions but we were sure of one thing – it sounded really exciting, and we wanted to find out more.

Our team replied right away, and it turned our that communicating with them was a real pleasure. We instantly planned two performances in the spring for the youth from our centres in Kyustendil.

April came quickly, and with it the long-awaited day with the clowns. We welcomed them first in our family-type houses in the city. The weather was great and allowed the show to take place outside where picnic blankets, pouffes and chairs were already set up, and the youngsters were looking forward to meeting them.

Colourful, laughing, with typical bright red noses Torta, Pasta and Bob (yes, like the food 😉) charmed the crowd instantly as soon as they walked out. Apart from choosing their names, they had learnt a lot of words in Bulgarian to incorporate them into the program and engage their audience more easily. Not that they needed words for that – communication between them was so smooth and casual, as if they had known each other for years.

Later in the day, they also presented the show to the young people with intellectual disabilities from our Social Rehabilitation and Integration Center. Dancheto played a big role in the show and won all the applause, and Cake, Pasta, and Bob asked to take her back with them to Germany to become a full member of the organization.

The day brought a lot of happiness and excitement not only to the young people but also to the colleagues who watched with big smiles and admiration the jokes, games and magic tricks. For several days now, the echoes of the unceasing laughter reverberate through our centres and the magic of Clowns Without Borders lives on in our hearts. We hope to meet them again! ❤️

Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders is an international NGO that uses the universal language of laughter to bring joy and comfort to people living at risk. Artists donate their time and talent completely free of charge to bring them joy and positive energy, thereby advocating for important causes and promoting cultural exchange and cooperation.


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