Zeynep Imamova, social worker, Kazanlak

Zeynep (on the left in the picture) works in one of our family-type centers in Kazanlak. She has been working as a social worker for 8 months. She studied Social work at the Trakia University. She loves to help people in need and that is why she turned to this profession. To know that she is useful and to see how through her work she helps someone and this person changes – this is her motivation to work in the social field. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children outside. But she also really enjoys immersive and precise activities – sewing tapestries, making diamond paintings and generally anything to do with art. She enjoys listening to music, it soothes her.

And here is what she shared about his work in our organization in the past year:

  • What new and different happened during the year?

Since the short period of my work at the family-type center, we have made a lot of efforts, both I as a social worker and the social therapists, to make the young people feel much more comfortable, to receive more sensory therapy for their development, and quite a few new and useful things have been purchased for the sensory therapies.

  • The most exciting thing in 2022 for you?

The most exciting was when we were preparing the seventh birthday of the Cedar Foundation in Kazanlak. The birthday itself and all four houses in one place – staff and kids , it was an unforgettable moment for me.

  • Share a moment from your work that you define as exciting and motivates you to work?

I can share a moment that is one of the most touching ones for me: when I started working at the foundation, the first one who came to me from the girls was Gergana. As time went by, she became more and more relaxed and got used to me, as I did to all the young people. I noticed how when I speak slowly, Gergana, watches me say the words and tries to repeat after me. While we were practicing with the word “mom” one day, she managed to say it three times in a row. That’s when I said to myself, “This is worth it.”


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