Anna Stoyneva, social worker, Kyustendil

Anna is one of our social workers at the Social Rehabilitation and Integration Centre. She greets us smiling and ready to tell us about herself, about her challenging and good moments at Cedar. During the conversation, it becomes clear that working with young people with different intellectual disabilities is a true vocation for her. Her […]

Margarita Grigorova, occupational therapist, Kyustendil

Our conversation with Margarita took place during an occupational therapy session with one of the girls living in the apartments in Kyustendil. She chooses her own occupation and that is to paint her nails. It turns out that she does not like to apply a second coat to her nails, and Margarita regularly teaches her […]

All roads lead to Cedar

Alex’s story about her return to the central team My journey at the Cedar Foundation began in early 2016 when I joined the team as an intern. It did not take long to realise that this was my place and I wanted to grow professionally at the foundation. After completing my internship, I had the […]

Verzhinya Haralampieva, team leader, Kyustendil

We meet Verzhi as she has taken over for a fellow social colleague she is replacing. She talks about how “the kids” have just eaten, they are relaxed and resting, and she is busy with tasks. The serenity of her kind nature comes through in conversation with her, and in every personal encounter so far. […]

Zeynep Imamova, social worker, Kazanlak

Zeynep (on the left in the picture) works in one of our family-type centers in Kazanlak. She has been working as a social worker for 8 months. She studied Social work at the Trakia University. She loves to help people in need and that is why she turned to this profession. To know that she […]

Rakiye Kral, social therapist, Kazanlak

Rakiye is one of our longest serving employees in the city. Kazanlak. “On April 27, 2023 it was exactly 7 years since I started working” – she says during our phone interview, shortly after she helped with the afternoon snack of the young people in one of our small-group homes. She talks enthusiastically about her […]