A Journey to Oneself with the Sensory Theatre in Kazanlak

A Journey to Oneself with the Sensory Theatre in Kazanlak
October 8, 2020 Адриана Гоцова

At the end of September part of the children and the team from our centers in Kazanlak participated in a unique experience – a sensory journey through the city, organized by the Sensory Theatre Sofia.

This innovative activity aimed at building the trust between the participants and helping them develop empathy towards other people’s experiences, making them more confident when facing unusual situations.

In groups of three, our children and the employees were immersed in a world of self-knowledge. One person from the group, who was blindfolded, had to trust the rest to help him move through a city environment, relying on his other senses and the people, who were leading and supporting him. This way, the participants rediscovered the trust and closeness of the people next to them and allowed themselves to be guided through the city in these unusual circumstances.
The journey went through key spots in Kazanlak, such as the market, filled with the aroma of autumn vegetables, the rowdy streets and quiet nooks, and finished in the peaceful retreat of a local church. What the participants experienced turned out to be of a very personal and widely emotional essence – from fear to inner peace and confidence in the people, who lead you. This way everyone managed to immerse themselves in the experiences of the people, deprived of senses, but also, get to know oneself and the people close to them.

“An unforgettable sensory journey, which happened beyond what can be said in words or seen with one’s eyes. We listened to the world around us, we filled ourselves with more presence and realization of the present moment and yet again we realized how important trust is.” – Neli Boneva, manager of our services in Kazanlak, shared after the walk.

Children and young adults from all our centers participated in the sensory journey and the experience was complied with their capabilities.

The sensory journey through the city is an unusual point of view to the city environment and at the same time, a journey to oneself and to building trust in others. We would like to thank the Sensory Theatre Sofia, who are our long-term partners.