What is a pub quiz and why do we do it best?

The pub quiz is a fun questionnaire, which is typically held at a bar or a pub. The participants form teams and answer questions while drinking beer or snacking. It originated in England as a marketing trick to attract more customers to the bars on slow nights. After that, the Americans added the charity element and turned the pub quiz into an initiative, where everyone involved is a winner – the bar owners get more sales, the customers have quenched their thirst and satisfied their competitive spirit and the cause has gained donations and popularity.

True to the win-win strategy, at Cedar we have been organizing charity quizzes for over 10 years. In a traditional Irish environment, with a great variety of beer, we offer our friends and supporters an evening of intellectual challenge, fun prizes and a meaningful cause – to support people from vulnerable groups. We are happy that we have long-term regular participants, who not only enjoy having fun with a cause, but are also ambassadors of our mission among their friends and colleagues.

That is how we came up with the quiz for companies, which underlines the “everybody wins” principle by combining a charity initiative with the opportunity to bond the team through play. We have organized such quizzes for the employees of several companies, among which are Amdocs, Schneider Electric, SiteGround and more.

With the need for social distancing since the beginning of 2020, we created an online version of this service and now over 100 quizzards have already experienced it.

Here is what some of them shared: “The pub quiz of the Cedar Foundation was undoubtedly one of the most engaging activities. Not only did it attract the largest number of participants from our team, but it also gave us the opportunity to contribute to the Foundation’s cause. It transferred us to the pub quiz environment completely, even though it was online, and it managed to do that for hours after a long working day in front of the monitor. Our team can’t wait to do it again.“

Cuddled in front of their computers at home, with a glass of beer in hand among the Irish pub clutter or at the park in front of your office, the Foundation’s charity quiz is an opportunity – to shine with knowledge, to recognize new strong sides in your colleagues, to feel the thrill of the competition, to share the social responsibility with friends. We do it in English and Bulgarian, morning and evening, over coffee and pastry or over cocktails, always considering and being responsible towards the disadvantaged people in Bulgaria.

You should try it too. 😉


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