How a good partnership between the business and a cause helped children and youth with disabilities in Kazanlak

A new therapeutic area for children and young people with intellectual disabilities was built in our family-type centers in Kazanlak. The project, with which we provided the necessary and useful devices, started in March 2023, and to date the children, young people and staff in the centers regularly use the new facilities.

Among them are the much-needed lifts. These are devices that enable the team to lift children who have difficulty moving with ease – a process that has previously only been done by hand.

These extremely useful devices have brought great relief to our social therapists because they have multiple benefits and allow the child to be moved easily, reducing the strain of movement and the risk of injury and pain. They are remote controlled and as well as being a great help to the team, the children who use them also feel very comfortable with them. We are grateful to our partners at Smurfit Kappa who donated the funds to make our project possible.”, said Nelly Boneva, manager of the centers in the town of Kazanlak. 

The sensory trail, which is among the new additions to the centres, is also very useful for children and young people. It can be used both at home, during the colder months when they cannot go outside to play, and outdoors during the warmer periods. The path consists of boards with different coverings, and children and young people walk with bare feet on them.

This provides tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation and also has a strong positive impact on improving motor skills, body sense of space, and concentration of attention and contributes to positive emotions.

Among other new features are raised beds that provide gardening activities for children and young people in wheelchairs. Planting plants, touching soil and natural materials have a calming effect on children who are less mobile and help them develop their gross and fine motor skills, as well as improving their dexterity and developing different skills. Exposure to this type of new activity also helps to improve their mood.

The play area in the centers was also supplemented by new children’s swings and a gazebo, which is now used for meetings with the parents of some of the children, for art therapy sessions, birthday celebrations and playing with different board games. The centers fence was also replaced, giving a more welcoming and contemporary look. A milling machine was purchased and it will make the physical work in the vegetable garden much easier, improve the soil and help build work habits in the children and youth.

All these innovations are of great help to our team and provide different opportunities for children and young people in our family-type centers. With a desire to play an active role in improving the well-being of disadvantaged people, the company, which is a world leader in corrugated cardboard and packaging and is located in the city of Kazanlak, sets a good example of how local companies can support causes in the community.

We at Smurfit Kappa are fortunate to have the opportunity to help and facilitate the daily activities of the dedicated team of the Cedar Foundation. We believe that through the new additions to the family-type centers, an even more supportive environment has been created for the children and staff there. This is a successful step towards a better future, which we sincerely believe in and strive for tirelessly. Happy Holidays!“, said the management of Smurfit Kappa.


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