Chance for a successful future

Sasho* had a difficult childhood. Until his sixth year he lived with his family. After that, he was placed in a children’s home, returned to his family, and lived with friends. He moved into one of our family houses in 2016 and stayed with us for 4 years – until he came of age and finished school. Then he went to the Czech Republic, tried his luck there, but came back.

Now he works and takes care of himself. He is persistent and has dreams and the drive to make them come true. He dreams of having his own barber shop. So Sasho is already attending a barber course and within a month he will be learning the tricks of the trade.

Lily* is caring, responsible and studies very hard. She lived in one of our family houses for 5 years. She has been on her own for three years, working and making plans for the future. She would like to take a professional manicure course because she is currently practising without a certificate.

Denis* is a calm and mature young man. He lived in one of our family houses for 4 years. While he was still studying and staying with us, he found a job and his employers were pleased with his diligence and hard work. He has been living independently for 3 years and has never left the company where he works. He wants to take a driving course because it will help him to be assigned more responsible tasks.

Sasho, Lili and Denis are the three young people involved in our project “Professional realization for a better future”, funded by the program “Address for 30 Young People” of ADRESS Real Estate in partnership with the BCause Foundation.

In addition to professional training for barber, manicurist and driving courses, they will meet regularly with a mentor from our team who will support them in preparing application documents, interviewing with employers, work ethic and motivation. Once their courses are complete, we will support them in their search for their chosen job.

All three young people have lived in one of our family houses. Although they are now independent, they continue to call and seek our help with various life matters. Their needs have changed over the years, but to our team, they will always be part of our family. Therefore, continued support after they leave the house is important to make sure they are independent and coping young adults.

The project, which we are delivering through ADRESS Real Estate and BCause Foundation, will run until the end of the year and is part of our longer-term support for young people who have left our family centres.

*The names of the young people have been changed.


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