Celebrities take on mud hurdles to support vulnerable children and young people

Legion Run participants will run alongside celebrities to provide psychological support and personal development assistance to children without parental care.

In this year’s edition of Legion run on July 3, a star team will cross the route, running with an important mission – to support the “Mentoring program for children and youth at risk” to help children deprived of parental care in the centres of the Cedar Foundation.

Alongside the organizers of Legion Run, actors Julian Vergov, Alexander Alexiev, Yana Marinova, athletes Hristiana Todorova and Eva Yaneva are behind the mission. They will join forces with all the athletes who bought a charity ticket for the Legion of Cedar to help raise funds for children and young people deprived of parental care. By purchasing a charity ticket in support of the Cedar Foundation, each participant will contribute BGN 20 to the cause and the organisers will double the amount raised. Thus, 40 leva from the value of each ticket sold will be donated to support the children, and the participants will overcome the route of the challenges side by side with the celebrities.

“When fate has taken something from you, it is important to understand what else it has given you. That’s how you realise what your role is in this life. And only if you fulfil it and contribute to other people’s lives can you feel happy. The rest is mere survival. Buying a donation ticket to the Legion is just a small gesture on the part of anyone who prefers to be helpful to others and inspired to achieve the difficult goals in life themselves. Why the hard ones!? Because they are the real ones, the ones who never betray you” – with these words Yana Marinova urges everyone to turn their participation into a cause and join the Legion of Cedar.

The mentoring program of the Cedar Foundation is an integral part of the complex family care that the organization provides to the children and youth in its centres. Children learn by example and follow patterns of behaviour adopted from parents and/or relatives. For children who have grown up outside their families, building stable relationships and trust is extremely challenging. Frequent changes of home, school and surroundings deprive them of a sense of belonging and security and make them anxious and suspicious. “Creating strong and sustainable relationships is a challenge that must be overcome daily with great care, perseverance and patience. We support children and young people in making decisions related to their academic performance, career guidance, and important personal issues related to their emotional health and social lives. In this way, we help them grow into independent and confident individuals who will one day be able to take their place in society. Buy a donation ticket, let’s overcome the obstacles together and set an example and show responsibility, and a community united for a meaningful cause”, urges Iva Hadzhiyska, Director of Fundraising and Communications.


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