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For the children!

Let’s do it for children! With these words and motivating shouts, the popular actors Alexander Alexiev, Stoyan Doychev, Yana Marinova and the gymnast Hristiyana Todorova cheered on the participants of the Cedar team, who took part in the epic Legion run on July 3, 2021. 4 tons of ice, a 15-meter high wall, terrains with barbed wire, hardly passable mud, dark tunnels and lots and lots of mud – these were just some of the obstacles along the 5-kilometer route that the Cedar Legion, including celebrities and people who bought donation tickets, overcame in support of the cause “Mentoring Program for Children and Youth at Risk”.

The program is an integral part of the comprehensive family-centered care the foundation provides to children and youth in its services. Children learn by example and follow behaviour patterns adopted by their parents and loved ones. For children who have grown up outside their families however,, building strong relationships and trust is extremely challenging. Frequent changes of home, school and surroundings deprive them of a sense of belonging and security and make them anxious and suspicious. Creating strong and sustainable relationships is a challenge that must be overcome daily with care, perseverance and patience. With its Mentoring Program, our organisation supports children and youth with making decisions related to their academic performance, career guidance, and important personal issues related to their emotional health and social lives. “I participated in the Legion Run in support of the Cedar Foundation because I believe that when there is a cause, the meaning is greater. It was epic and a little muddy. It’s worth your time to support them too,” urged Alexander Alexiev.

Stoyan Doychev also shared his feeling about the experience, “I am very happy with my participation because I was able to face one of my fears and conquer it. The biggest victory, however, will be that many more people will find out about what the Cedar Foundation is doing and will help the children”. You can also buy a charity ticket to support the cause on July 10 here. 20 leva from each donation ticket goes to support the children, and Legion Run doubles the amount. The Cedar Foundation would like to thank the organizers, celebrities and all the team members for their support.

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