The Initiative “Support a dream” as seen by Doncho

Doncho – one of the young people living in the family-type homes in Kazanlak participated in the initiative “Support a dream” organized by the President of Republic of Bulgaria. The initiative helps youngsters from disadvantaged social groups to realize successfully their potential after finishing school and supporting them in their further development and pursuing their dreams.

An important event is the traditional yearly school ball in Sofia. The Bulgarian President Roumen Radev and his wife Desislava Radeva officially hosted the event and greeted more than 120 young people from different parts of Bulgaria.

Doncho was one of the young people who had the opportunity to visit the capital city and celebrate his high school ball once again. We wanted to hear from him about the event and asked him several questions. In addition to sharing his story about meeting the President, he told us about his plans for the near future and shared some of his dreams.

Tell us about the ball in Sofia and your meeting with the President.

The event was great. After arriving in Sofia, we were brought to the hotel. Afterwards, we went to visit the President’s office and met the President Roumen Radev himself. Following the visit, we went to the National Palace of Culture (NDK) where we had dinner. We could use the services of professional hairdressers and stylists who helped us with our looks. The dinner was great, the evening program was interesting, and there were a lot of celebrities.


Which celebrities did you meet at the event?

I met several singers – Poli Guenova, Michaela Phileva, Dara, Lyubo, Orlin Pavlov, Pavel, and Ventzi Ventz. I even was able to take some pictures with them. The actors from “The comedians” were there as well and gave an amazing performance, we all had a lot of fun!

Which part of the evening did you like most?

I liked everything, but most of all I am happy that I could meet cool people with whom we became friends. I hope that with one particular lady we will stay in touch and who knows what the future will show.

I liked that we all looked special at that evening – wearing nice clothes and very elegant.

Recently you graduated from high school. How did the final exams go, are you happy with the results?

I still have to take the second exam, as well as two state examinations. In my case it is a bit different because I graduated from a professional school.

In which subject will the second exam be? What are the state exams?

I am graduating from the Professional School for Construction and therefore, my second exam will be in my major – internal and external finishes and flooring. The state examinations are practical exams – the hands-on experience is very important in our profession.

What are your next steps? Do you want to go to an University?

I took a summer job in a construction company, because I want to save some money to get a driving license and buy a car. Being a driver is one of my dreams and I really want to invest my time in it. Afterwards, I would like to study at the Military University in Veliko Tarnovo – I believe this is the place for me.

What are you dreaming about?

To be successful and some day have my own business.


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