“If each of us unleashed their potential, the world would become a better place.”

For a second year in a row Dessie, who lives in one of our residential homes, won the scholarship of “Blagotvoritel” foundation.

The scholarship is part of their campaign and is aimed at high school and university students deprived of parental care.

This year participants had to write an essay with the Dalai Lama’s quote as their topic: “If each of us unleashed their potential, the world would become a better place”.

Dessie has two more years before she finishes high school, but her essay demonstrates the depth and wisdom of her personal experience. She is very responsible, loves to read and study and her ambition is to do better at school even though she is already exceeding.

This is the essay which won her the scholarship:

“Every person has a talent and is very special. What is important though is to rediscover ourselves, because the toughest battle we need to win in our lives is the struggle within.

We all dream about a world in which people get along with each other, achieve what they have ever wanted, discover what they are good at and pursue it further. We dream about a world with no crimes, violence, hate, fear, pain, and suffering. We long for a world full of calmness. Centuries after centuries people have fought wars against evil and so that they change the world for the better. But the“evil” is always the other, because everybody thinks they are right and sees their actions as just even if it might look appalling to others.

We all long for a better life, but why is there still violence, hate, jealousy, wars, and hunger?

…Because it always is the other´s fault.

Every person creates their own world according to their consciousness and the degree of self-discovery through struggle.

Even if we live in the same city, on the same street, in the same house, even if we´re siblings, our worlds won´t be the same. Because the degree of self-awareness and self-discovery is individual…”


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