Donate a smile

This is Danny! He is one of the children for whom we are currently raising funds in the “Bulgaria donates” campaign.

He was abandoned immediately after his birth and spent the first 9 years of his life in an institution where he was diagnosed with “Severe mental retardation.” Despite his age, when he came to our family-type center, he needed support for all activities in his daily life. He couldn’t walk alone, he lost balance and preferred to move on his knees.
Despite all this, Danny’s smile is enormous, and his eyes are full of yearning.
His story is not sad. It is a story that demonstrates the great importance of individual care, warmth and understanding.

After Danny started living with us, the positive changes in his life followed soon. In just a few months, he learned to feed himself with a spoon, which was a sign that he would become even more confident and independent in the future. As a result of the rehabilitation and individual care he received, Danny soon started walking alone and is now one of the first children to greet you when visiting the family-type house where he lives.

He is friendly, calm and cheerful, and his face shines with an infectious and warm smile. He enjoys meeting new people and is very social. Even if it is difficult for him to keep his attention on certain activities for a long time, he is always eager to take part in group activities and games.

Danny goes to school for children with special needs, and during the holidays he visits a day center for children with disabilities, where he receives additional specialized support from a rehabilitator, speech therapist and psychologist.

In order to build upon what he has already learned and acquire new skills, Danny needs active rehabilitation, physiotherapy and therapeutic gymnastics. His eyelids are sagging due to a condition he has, and a surgery is needed to improve his vision.

In addition, he needs individual therapy with a psychologist, speech therapist and rehabilitator, as well as to maintain experiencing positive emotions through fun activities outside the center.

This is Danny in a nutshell. It is the care and warmth he receives every day that make him different from a “sad story” about an abandoned child with a harsh diagnosis.

Support Danny today by sending an SMS with the text DMS USMIVKA to 17 777 or see the other ways to donate in our cause Donate a smile to Bulgaria donates.


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