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Тhe “Children Belong to Us All” Campaign Helps Children without Parental Care

The “Children Belong to Us All” campaign, which aims to change the Bulgarian society’s attitude towards children without parental care and its perception of charity, began this June. The campaign is run by the popular children’s TV channel Cartoon Network in partnership with The Cedar Foundation, The “Child and Space” Association, The International Social Service Bulgaria Foundation and a number of telecommunication companies.

An informational website, where anyone can learn more about the goals, the efforts and the development of the campaign is now online. In addition, an informational video clip on the topic will be broadcast across the country. The video’s aim is to motivate people to rethink the ways in which they see children, who are perceived as different.

The partnering organizations stand behind a common goal—to help underprivileged children and youths find recognition as rightful members of society. In Cedar’s family-type residence homes, as well as in those of the other partnering organizations, there are children and youths without parental care. One of the most important goals of the organizations is to offer a wide variety of activities, which would help children and youths to acquire skills, essential to successfully tackling the challenges in life. For the children, and for society as a whole, it is essential that they are given support in the development of their potential, and that they are aided in establishing fulfilling relationships and friendships, so that they can responsibly take on their roles in life.

The telecom and platform operators, supporting the campaign are A1 Bulgaria, Bulsatcom, Networx, Escom and Cabel Sat-West. As part of the initiative, the partners will provide additional support for the children, whose care is entrusted to the three foundations. For instance, a group of youths will visit an A1 Bulgaria office in Sofia, where they will learn about the different professions within the company, and the skills and education required for succeeding in each one of them.

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