Past campaigns

Pizza Lab’s campaign in support of our students is over

Between 15 September and 15 October 2021, Pizza Lab was running a campaign called “Learn and Succeed” to support our work. It aimed to raise at least 3,000 BGN to provide lessons and school supplies to disadvantaged children and contribute to their better future.

As part of the campaign, Pizza Lab customers donated 1 BGN through every Choco pizza purchased and the organizers doubled the amount. Donation boxes placed in Pizza Lab locations gave those who wished the opportunity to donate bigger amounts of money. Finally we raised a total of 3,195 BGN in support of our cause, which will be used to provide textbooks, exercise books, support materials and extra lessons for pupils at one of our centers.

Children who grow up outside their families are the most vulnerable and at risk of dropping out of the education system. They often need extra help and psychological support to cope with falling behind with learning material. We would like to thank our friends at Pizza lab and all their customers who have lent a hand to the students in our centres and contributed to raising the necessary funds.

For the second time around the start of the school year, the sweet pizzas on the Pizza Lab menu are being offered to support our cause. In 2019, we ran the “Choco Pizza for a Good Cause” campaign together, and the funds raised then again supported children and young people living away from their families.

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