Individual support

Monthly donation “Care for me”

By making a monthly “Care donation”, you provide sustainable care for the children and adults living in our family centres.

Monthly giving allows us to plan our activities and make long-term improvements in the care of the health and overall well-being of the children and adults in our centres.

Your regular donation helps cover the cost of:

  • Physiotherapy. Regular therapeutic massage and assisted movement exercises are needed for children and adults with severe physical disabilities. These help to improve tone and blood circulation, reduce spasticity of musculature, and relieve pain from unnatural body position.
  • Sensory therapy. Sensory integration therapy is extremely important for children with disabilities. It aids in the process of learning about one’s own body, its position in space, and interaction with stimuli in the environment, reduces anxiety, emotional outbursts, and improves general physical condition and tone.
  • Psychological support. An integral part of the complex of therapies for children with disabilities whose emotional state is very dynamic and easily affected by changes in the regime, weather, mood of others.
  • Medical support. Specialized medical interventions are often needed due to the condition of children and adults. A stay in hospital can only be with an attendant. Copayments are needed for medications, dental treatment under anesthesia for disabled youth, etc.
  • Unpredictable expenses that arise in every household. These may be transportation to a specialist for examination or consultation, emergency repair of appliances and devices needed in the daily care of children and youth, etc.
  • Educational support and social inclusion. Children who are lacking parental care often struggle in school, and for those among them who have disabilities, the public school system does not offer an inclusive environment. We provide support and we work with institutions and the communities to facilitate social integration and to develop the potential of the people in our centers.

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