Past campaigns

DRAG supports The Cedar Foundation with a limited series of children’s bicycles

In the beginning of February DRAG initiated a charity campaign to raise funds for physical therapy for the children and youth with severe physical disabilities who live in The Cedar Foundation’s Small Group Homes.

The cost for a month of physiotherapy is 720 BGN. From February through May with every purchase of a DRAG Hardy Jr bike you make a donation of 5 BGN which goes to the foundation. DRAG will donate double that amount so the total donation is 15 BGN for every bike sold. With their new bike, your child will also receive a special sticker and a branded silicon bracelet.

The end of the campaign will be celebrated with a visit from DRAG’s bike teams and employees to our centers in Kazanlak where they will meet the children and introduce them to cycling during a day of outdoor activities. Everyone who has participated in the initiative and purchased a DRAG Hardy Jr is welcome at the event.

For more information about the campaign and DRAG Hardy Jr, please visit the company’s web page.

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