Team building with a cause

You are part of a company who wishes to support a good cause and involve its employees in doing so?

Unify your team by offering it a meaningful and socially significant cause. Apply your skills in a different environment and make the world a better place for disadvantaged people.

Contact us and we will propose creative ways for your team to help and contribute to the well being of disadvantaged children and youth in Bulgaria.

For more information, please contact Iva Hadzhiyska on +359 884 962 986 or email:

Cause-related (Home) Office Team Building

Challenge week

When was the last time you challenged yourself or did something out of your daily routine?

We realise that sometimes bringing a new activity into your day might be very hard especially considering our busy schedules and all the tasks both at the office and at home. This is why we are inviting you to join our Week Of Challenge – an initiative full of exciting and curious activities designed to take you out of your routine and your comfort zone.

The Cedar foundation’s team will guide you through a weekly challenge course with prompts and recommendations and will assist you in recording your progress. There is also an added value to it. By registering to participate in our Challenge week, you will help support disadvantaged children and young people who were faced with a number of challenges from a very young age.

600 000 steps challenge

Have you been stuck in your home office for the past months?
Does your fitness routine consist of frequent walks to the fridge and back?
Does your pedometer app show double digits only?

If you are willing to support a good cause in a fun, healthy and engaging way, gather a team of max 7 and enter our 600 000 steps challenge. Be active and dedicate a week to overcome a distance of 600 000 steps. Each step will get you closer to your better self and help us secure a fair life for underprivileged groups. It is easy, fun, safe!

The Cedar Foundation needs to raise a minimum of 600 000 BGN each year in order to provide quality care to children at risk and disabled youths.

Charity Company Calendar

Are you one of those old school fellas who appreciates a good paper wall or desk calendar? And is there anything more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list?

If you like to mark meetings with colleagues or friends, or count how many days you have before your next trip; If you circle the birthdays or name days of folks and relatives, Then our Charity company calendar is what you need.

Choose a theme that is special and fun for you and your colleagues, ask them to take their picture and send the photographs over to us. We will help design and print your company calendar and you and your colleagues can support our cause by purchasing it.

Online Quiz

Share your social responsibility with colleagues, take a sip of beer and strengthen the team spirit during our charity quiz. Cedar’s team will organize an unforgettable evening for your company, during which you will be able to test the strength of your knowledge and learn new interesting facts.

The quiz includes various thematic rounds in the fields of history, sport, art, literature, science and more.

Due to the pandemic situation the format of the traditional pub quiz was adapted and now we are offering to organize online quizzes for companies that work remotely.

Promise Silent Auction

How about your morning coffee in the office being served not by anyone, but by your own manager? Or having a personal driver who will take you to work all week? How about leaving an hour early next Friday?
These and more tempting ideas will make your workday happier, easier, and more productive. At the same time, you will contribute to better care for disadvantaged children. Find out how to make these ideas happen in your office by contacting us.

Employees cook, share and help

In every office, regardless of the nature of the job, there is always an amateur chef. In every office, regardless of the nature of the job, there is always someone who is a real foodie. In every office, regardless of the nature of the job, there is always someone enthusiastic about superfoods.
Prepare, photograph, share, and steal culinary ideas while helping us provide quality care for vulnerable groups.

Lunch & Learn

Remember the colleague you encountered on the way to Malyovitsa? You don’t know their name, but you have common interests. Now you have a chance and a noble occasion to meet (although online). Sign up for a charity lunch with a talk and meet colleagues you don’t interact with every day. Learn curios facts and hear funny stories and experiences during your lunch break. What do you get? New lunch company and an opportunity to support children from vulnerable groups.
Do not eat alone. Contact us.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Adriana Gotsova at or +359 884 378 851.

Charity lunch at IG Soft's office

“It was amazing! We never expected that so many people would participate and so readily too! We are immensely happy with the outcome of the Christmas market and hope that it would benefit The Cedar Foundation. We would be happy to do it again next year!”

IG Soft’s team

Get Involved

Become a volunteer

Being a volunteer for The Cedar Foundation means to dedicate your time, skills and efforts to improve the lives of the children and young people with special needs that we help. As a volunteer, you will challenge yourself to try something different, you’ll develop your skills, and have the opportunity to meet new interesting people.

Sponsor a Child

Together with the American organization Orphan Sponsorship International (OSI), we developed, we developed the program “Sponsor a Child” for the children we are constantly taking care of in our family-type homes in Kyustendil and Kazanlak. The sponsorship of one child is $35 per month (60 BGN) and the entire amount is used only for the child’s needs.

List of necessary materials

In our daily work we often find ourselves in need for materials and equipment for our activities and development of the children and young adults in our family-type homes and the Social Rehabilitation and Integration Center.