Active Campaign

Team building with a cause

Unify your team by offering it a meaningful and socially significant cause. 

Apply your skills in a different environment and make the world a better place for disadvantaged people.

Contact us and we will propose creative ways for your team to help and contribute to the well being of disadvantaged children and youth in Bulgaria.

Pub Quiz for companies

Share your social responsibility with colleagues, over a pitcher of beer, and strengthen the team spirit during one of our charity quizzes. Cedar’s team will organize an unforgettable evening for your company, during which you will be able to test the strength of your knowledge and learn new interesting facts.

The quiz includes various thematic rounds in the fields of history, sport, art, literature, science, and more.

The event is for you if you want:

To learn new things and enrich your general knowledge;
To have a great evening with colleagues;
To enjoy one drink (maybe more) after a long day of work;
To support a good cause while having fun.

Online Quiz!

The format of the pub quiz has been adapted and now we are offering to organize online quizzes for companies that work remotely.

We have organized such quizzes for the employees of several companies, among which are Amdocs, Schneider Electric, SiteGround.

Bake sale

The charity bake sale of homemade cookies, cupcakes and brownies is one of the most popular and delicious ways to bring your team together,to treat yourself and to support our work at the same time. Encourage your colleagues to make a favorite recipe and pick a date to indulge in homemade treats. Donate the proceeds to help us care for disadvantaged children and adults.

Contact Kiril Stumbov at e-mail and we will offer you ideas for joint initiatives!