• The Superheroes Challenge

    The Cedar Foundation superheroes are faced with yet another serious challenge – to raise 7000 BGN for summer camps for 30 disadvantaged children. Join us now and donate, and as a gesture of gratitude, on June 1st, the International children’s day, the Cedar team members will climb one of Bulgaria’s highest mountain peaks – Botev vrah, named after a national hero, revolutionary and poet. During the ascent we will all be dressed in superhero outfits.

    The symbolic climb will also celebrate the immense efforts of our social workers and other professionals who are responsible for the children’s health and wellbeing in these turbulent times. To dedicate your time and energy to children in need is a super power of which even Superman would be jealous.

    For more than 15 years we provide a safe and secure environment and quality care to children and youths with disabilities and/or deprived of parental care. We add important therapies such as physio, sensory and occupational therapy so that we make sure that every child grows healthy and fulfilled.

    Summer camps are among a wide specter of educational and therapeutic activities through which our children manage their physical challenges and family trauma. Due to the pandemic during the last year we weren’t able to carry out some of the planned activities. This year we would like to make up for missed opportunities and spend as much time outdoors.

    We need your super support today. Donate here or if you have any super power (like we do) tell us more about it on the Facebook page of our campaign or make the campaign popular through your friends and peers. You can also take part in the climbing on 1th June. Follow us on Facebook and check the other super ideas we have.

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  • Our new visual identity

    In line with modern trends, we renew our logo by giving a modern touch to the Cedar tree – a symbol of the organization since its establishment 16 years ago.

    We are a leading organization in Bulgaria in the management of family-type centers for disadvantaged children and youth. The foundation was established back in 2005 by Irish pastor Mark O’Sullivan, who then lived with his family in Kazanlak. He and his wife, Penny, supported disadvantaged children by raising donations, organizing training, and providing specialized therapies for children with severe disabilities.

    They named the foundation after their eldest son, Cedar. That is why the logo of the organization combines cedar elements, and the symbolism of the name has outlined the path of the foundation over the years – strong and stable as the cedar tree, providing healthy roots to the children and young adults it cares for.

    Since 2013, Mark and Penny no longer live in Bulgaria, but the mission of the organization continues to this day with its entirely Bulgarian team. Over the years, the team has extended its activities, developed the foundation, and achieved financial sustainability and strong positions in the social sphere and the non-governmental sector.

    “The foundation needs a strong and modern visual identity that matches the way it works and its vision for development. For us, the tree is a symbol of stability that every child needs and the sense of movement in the branches corresponds to our flexibility and ability to follow trends. The teams of the foundation are steady, adaptable, rely on, and use up-to-date tools and approaches. We believe that the new logo reflects our commitment to provide protection and support for the children and young people in our care, to share social responsibility, and to establish and strengthen our community,” shares Iva Hadzhiyska, Fundraising and Communications Director.

    The Cedar Foundation currently manages 9 centers and has contributed to the positive change in the lives of over 3,000 children with disabilities. The foundation is an active participant in formulating, implementing, and evaluating policies in the field of deinstitutionalization. Actively works for a change in government policies towards disadvantaged people.


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  • Going to work – a story about a dream come true

    He was born in a small country in Eastern Bulgaria. He doesn’t know his dad, whom he is named after, and he has seen his mom only once. His whole childhood passed in one of those big and unhappy children homes for orphans, situated in a desolated village in northern Bulgaria, a place one would say has been forgotten by God. He has grown without the idea of personal space or belongings, and was often referred to as “a child with mental retardation”.

    How do you think this story would continue?
    The story of Ivan, Mincho, Drago, or in other words, the story of the child who has grown in the now extinct homes for children with disabilities.

    Here is the rest of Ivan’s story.
    He began living with us five years ago. Now, he is 24. Good-hearted and benevolent. Diligent and always ready to help. He loves being busy and working hard. He makes wonderful origami, and he is interested in new technologies. He likes listening to music and being outdoors.
    Ivan is very inquisitive and eager to learn. Therefore, he has enrolled in professional courses to become a construction worker and a masseur. He is aware that such courses would help him develop and become a more independent individual.
    However, his greatest passion has always been cooking. Ivan managed to get noticed for his culinary abilities, and got a part-time job as an assistant cook in a local catering company. He later received training in the company and his hard work and dedication urged his manager to offer him a full time job.
    Ivan is ecstatic; he would work everyday for 8 hours. His responsibilities include making prep work, sanitizing the kitchen, and assisting with deliveries. He has a supervisor, a local woman who is responsible for the catering of the retirement homes in the city.
    For us, it’s a great privilege and a pleasure to hear the positive feedback from his employer. He says that Ivan has been doing his job in a responsible and thorough manner, fits in perfectly, and is enthusiastic about helping others. He even works overtime. His colleagues, also, really like him. With shining eyes, Ivan shares with everyone that this is a dream come true, and that he cannot wait for the next work day.

    Despite his unfortunate childhood and the stereotypical belief that people with intellectual disabilities do not have a place in the labor market, Ivan is now working, evolving, and contributing to his community.

    *The name has been changed due to privacy reasons.”

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  • А year of togetherness and mutual support

    With the holidays approaching it is time to reflect on the year passed.

    2020 proved to be very unusual which made us direct all our efforts towards the coronavirus crisis but it also helped us look back and analyze our behaviours. We at Cedar were convinced that we can do anything – together as a team but also as a community built around the cause and determined to follow and support our mission. And while we socially distanced ourselves, we realized how important it is to help each other out, and this is how we managed to bear the lockdowns, the isolation and the homework.

    It was a hard year for us but during those hard times we came across and attracted new partners and were inspired to look for new ways to reach out to people and businesses. We had to be more creative, more observant, more aware. Our main priority was to keep our children and staff safe, sound and healthy and to do so, we had to work hard to secure a safe home and workplace and to adapt our work processes to a domestic environment.

    In 2020 we lost some of our potential donors and sources of income but our long term supporters by our side. We ran some successful online campaigns and we adapted our traditional charity quiz to a digital format. Our annual charity gala became the first hybrid charity event to be held in Bulgaria. The new format made it possible for people around the globe to take part and support our work.

    Our advocacy efforts were also fruitful. We managed to influence governmental decisions which secured free Covid-19 testing and additional financial support for social services. The Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria honored our claim and annulled Article 5 of Section II of the Methodological Guidance regarding the application of the Social Assistance act and its regulations due to violations of the public consultation procedure. And despite rootless protests and the postponements, the Law for social services entered into force on July 1st.

    If we have to sum up how 2020 looked for us at Cedar and our community, it was a year of togetherness and mutual support. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to all Cedar employees, all volunteers that support our work and to all Cedar friends and partners, for believing in our work. Together, we are changing lives!

    Happy holidays!

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  • An adventure which changed the lives of two young men

    Growing up without a family is one of the biggest challenges that you may face in life. This is how things are for Y. and S.* for whom this is how life has been since their early childhood. But despite all the storms they have been through, they don’t stop striving for a better future, they don’t stop learning, gaining experience and dreaming of a world, where they will be useful and significant. For the past few years Y. and S. have been living in family-type homes, managed by the Cedar Foundation, where different experts are helping them follow the steps towards a better, more independent future. Their adventure began in the summer of 2019 with a job at the Margarita Asebo Nursing Home in Kazanlak where they help take care of elderly people. A year later, Y. and S. had the opportunity to upgrade their skills in working with children and young adults with special needs. This happened thanks to the Osvobozhdenie – 1884 Community Center in Sheynovo village and two volunteer projects with the European Solidarity Corps. An adventure, which continues today.

    At first, the young boys started with regular visits to the elderly people in the nursing home and helped them with different activities – accompanied them to excursions and theatre, read books to them and organized fun games, bought essential items, etc. After a while they had the chance to work in family-type centers. Despite the challenging work with young adults with special needs, Y. and S. did a wonderful job and found an approach towards each and every one of them. They used methods like art therapy, sensory and music therapy. They organized sport activities, picnics, horse riding and nature walks. Their persistence and perseverance brought a positive change to the lives of the people under their care as well as to their own lives. While striving to be useful to the elderly in the nursing home and the young adults at the family-type homes, Y. and S. were also useful to themselves, because this communication taught them a lot of new responsibilities, patience and helped them develop practical skills, which will be always useful to them. Thanks to their efforts and the support they received, they managed to complete their professional education and can now work in rehabilitation and balneo centers. In addition, the two boys completed professional cooking and hairdressing classes. S. continues to develop his skills with an upgrading cooking class and Y. is attending music and folklore lessons with a professional teacher, as well as upgrading his math skills with the help of an experienced tutor.

    The Cedar Foundation would like to thank the Osvobozhdenie – 1884 Community Center for their partnership, which helped the development and well-being of our boys.

    *The names of the young men have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

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  • The Effect of the Pandemic on the Lives of European Children

    As a member of Eurochild, the international network of organizations that provide support to children and protect their rights, The Cedar Foundation co-authored the report on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of children in Europe, including in Bulgaria. The ‘Growing up in lockdown: Europe’s children in the age of COVID-19’ report summarizes data from 25 European countries, collected between August and September of 2020. The aim of the report is to examine the ways in which the pandemic influences all domains of children’s lives and to provide policy recommendations to governments in Europe on addressing those issues that have a direct impact on children and their families.

    The document is based on the evaluations of 42 of Eurochild’s members, including The Cedar Foundation, representing 25 countries. Cedar contributed to the report’s recommendations on the functioning and management of family type homes and on deinstitutionalization policies.

    The report emphasizes the fact that most children in family type homes in Bulgaria live with disabilities and their health is vulnerable and frail. Social distancing is impossible in the family type home format because many of the children require intensive care, which cannot be provided without close contact with the personnel. In turn, the staff has to manage the compounded stress and to follow all safety and hygiene measures (e.g., disinfection, tracing, reporting). The lack of access to the accompanying social services and educational institutions during isolation has further contributed to the additional pressure and to the need for staff to carry out new activities and therapies, so that they can meet the children’s needs and take care after the latter’s physical and mental health.

    Additional resource has been invested by service providers, including nongovernmental organizations, in the provision of personal protective equipment for staff and for disinfectant agents. Moreover, there was a prolonged lack of clarity as to the steps that would need to be taken in the case of an infection among one of the children or a member of staff, as self-isolation in a family home environment is impossible.

    With respect to the policies for children’s care and their rights, there has been a delay in planning for the process of deinstitutionalization. There is a lack of effectiveness in the work of the Permanent Expert Group on Deinstitutionalization, which was created in 2010 with the mandate to monitor the action plan on deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria and to discuss and provide policy recommendations to the national government on its various aspects.

    The recommendations in the report that pertain to Bulgaria are also related to the necessity for improving the social system’s capacity for responding in the event of a family crisis and preventing the need for alternative care, support for vulnerable children, a need for national policy for youths who leave the family type homes, and migrant children.

    You can read more about the report’s conclusions and recommendations here.

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  • This Christmas Every Donation Matters

    Our charity campaign This Christmas Every Donation Matters kicks off at the end of November. It raises funds for physiotherapy and therapeutic gymnastics, as well as for providing quality care to the children and young adults at our centres. Long-term supporters of the organization are joining the campaign, as well as new partners, so that we can team up our efforts and make a more compassionate Christmas.

    “We hope that more people will follow the good example of our partners, because this Christmas we all need more good news, more wonders and more faith. The more people and businesses unite for our campaign, the bigger the support for the disadvantaged children and young adults in these challenging months.”, said the Executive Director of the Foundation Alexandrina Dimitrova.

    Among the partners, who stand behind the cause are Dabov Specialty Coffee, who have developed a special Christmas coffee blend and are donating part of the amount of each purchased pack; Salad Box, who are deducting part of the amount for their most popular salad Green Box; Edenred, who are giving their customers the opportunity to include a cause in the Christmas cards they get for their employees; “Bebe” Store in Kazanlak, who are also deducting an amount from a selected product, as well as other companies, who are dedicating their Christmas party to the cause, placing donation boxes in their locations or are making a direct donation.

    We all know that this Christmas is going to be different. A lot of people won’t be able to celebrate with their extended family, to travel to their favourite holiday destination or gather with colleagues and friends. But this Christmas we can all be a little better. We can be more united than ever, by supporting each other and coming together to help those in need. Let’s remember this Christmas, as the Christmas we were compassionate. This Christmas every donation matters.

    You should join us too.

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  • How to Rally Our Team From a Distance

    During the past few months more and more companies have transferred to the home office model and their team meetings are taking place mainly online. In these circumstances it gets more and more difficult to bond with colleagues and the morning coffee meetings are not enough to keep the team spirit and motivation high.

    At the same time, social responsibility and care for those in need becomes more and more popular among the young people, who are actively working from home. This is why our team doesn’t stop searching and suggesting ideas, which will help the companies unite over a good cause, give back to the community and have fun at the same time.

    This fall our team developed new ways to support disadvantaged children and young adults. We came up with ways for you to combine team building elements with charity and do it while still keeping social distance and working from home. In the spring we created a Handbook with some ideas about doing charity remotely, and now we have created a second part of the Handbook, containing even more interesting and fun ideas. In the first part of the Handbook we suggested initiatives like the Promise Auction and Lunch & Learn with the idea that soon, we will return to our offices. In the second part of the Handbook we rely on healthier and continuously remote activities, like Challenge Week and 600 000 Steps. Specifically for the upcoming Christmas holidays and hoping for a more positive new year, we added an idea for a fun and interesting company calendar.

    The purpose of these Handbooks is to offer alternatives to the standard team building activities, so that they can be just as fun in an online environment. The Cedar team actively participates and moderates the different activities. And the added value of supporting a cause that matters, can bond the team even more.

    To find out more about the opportunities for charity through online initiatives for your team, please contact Adriana Gotsova at

    You can find more suggestions on organizing a team building with a cause HERE.


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  • A Journey to Oneself with the Sensory Theatre in Kazanlak

    At the end of September part of the children and the team from our centers in Kazanlak participated in a unique experience – a sensory journey through the city, organized by the Sensory Theatre Sofia.

    This innovative activity aimed at building the trust between the participants and helping them develop empathy towards other people’s experiences, making them more confident when facing unusual situations.

    In groups of three, our children and the employees were immersed in a world of self-knowledge. One person from the group, who was blindfolded, had to trust the rest to help him move through a city environment, relying on his other senses and the people, who were leading and supporting him. This way, the participants rediscovered the trust and closeness of the people next to them and allowed themselves to be guided through the city in these unusual circumstances.
    The journey went through key spots in Kazanlak, such as the market, filled with the aroma of autumn vegetables, the rowdy streets and quiet nooks, and finished in the peaceful retreat of a local church. What the participants experienced turned out to be of a very personal and widely emotional essence – from fear to inner peace and confidence in the people, who lead you. This way everyone managed to immerse themselves in the experiences of the people, deprived of senses, but also, get to know oneself and the people close to them.

    “An unforgettable sensory journey, which happened beyond what can be said in words or seen with one’s eyes. We listened to the world around us, we filled ourselves with more presence and realization of the present moment and yet again we realized how important trust is.” – Neli Boneva, manager of our services in Kazanlak, shared after the walk.

    Children and young adults from all our centers participated in the sensory journey and the experience was complied with their capabilities.

    The sensory journey through the city is an unusual point of view to the city environment and at the same time, a journey to oneself and to building trust in others. We would like to thank the Sensory Theatre Sofia, who are our long-term partners.

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  • Every Donation Matters

    Participate in our online charity event There is no place like home, in support of children and young adults at risk.

    The first Bulgarian hybrid charity event – There is no place like home will take place on September 30th 2020 at 7pm. The event offers an opportunity for people to participate physically by purchasing a ticket or online, for free. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for providing a family environment and secure home to children and young adults with disabilities and deprived of parental care.

    In its online form, the event has already started and it offers several ways to support the cause, which can be accessed with just a few clicks. The virtual guests will have the opportunity to follow the evening through an online stream on the Foundation’s Facebook page. They will be able to participate in an auction, buy raffle tickets and compete in a special virtual challenge to win a shopping voucher for a home furniture store.

    “A lot of people think that they cannot make a difference with smaller donations. I would like to tell them that this is not so and regardless of the donation size, the more people we can unite on the 30th of September, the bigger the final result and this means only one thing – a safe family environment for children and young adults at risk. This is why I hope that everyone who wishes to support the cause will register for the online event and look through the different means of participation”, Alexandrina Dimitrova, Executive Director of the Cedar Foundation appealed.

    Buying more tickets for the charity raffle can give you a headstart in winning one of the many interesting prizes. Among them you will find a weekend for two in the Rhodope mountain, an air balloon flight, a custom-made shirt, a visit to a bio farm with an included artisan ice cream tasting, a sports membership card.

    You can also support the cause by a direct monetary donation, directed to a particular need, like physiotherapy, medical care, school supplies or an amount of your choice. The size of the donation is determined by the donor. This way everybody has a chance to partake, according to their own judgement and capabilities.

    All expenses on the organization of the event are covered by the foundation’s sponsors and partners – CMS Sofia, Hilton Sofia, America for Bulgaria Foundation, AG Capital, Communitas Foundation, Dundee Precious Metals. The funds, which are raised throughout the event will be directly invested in providing family care and specialized support to disadvantaged children and young adults. Media partners of the event are: Bulgarian National Television, Darik Radio, FOCUS Radio, EVA Magazine,, Dnevnik, Mediapool,,,

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