• I heard about The Cedar Foundation from friends who had participated in some of the events of the organization, which left them fascinated. They told me about the foundation’s mission, which I adopted as mine. I support Cedar for its cause, its people, their energy and the belief that meaning is not something that exists passively around us but rather springs up from our actions. Cedar’s wonderful team constantly supports us, the volunteers, and helps us both by instilling in us the confidence that we are capable and gives us a direction and warmth. Volunteering with Cedar gives me joy, strength, allows me to meet incredible people and gives me the belief that life tomorrow will be better. I would recommend The Cedar Foundation to all of my friends and acquaintances and I believe that they will answer the call.

    Katerina Georgieva

  • When I am in a situation I don’t like, when I face a problem or something is not right, I am the kind of person who asks herself “What could I do to improve this situation?”. And I try to do just that. This is why it was so easy to make the decision to support The Cedar Foundation – they do precisely that. Full of energy and heart, they change the difficult reality of the Bulgarian children, who need love and support the most. Since 2014 I have had the opportunity to help Cedar’s team through translation and other tasks. I often think that what I get in return is a lot more than I give. I donate a little of my time and experience in order to receive that sacred feeling which comes when you contribute to the positive change in someone’s life. And yes, I believe in this change, which Cedar’s team has made its mission to bring about, and I am so happy that I can be a part of it.

    Anna Nestorova

  • I decided to get in touch with The Cedar Foundation as I was immensely drawn to the work the
    organization does with some of the most unprivileged children and youths in Bulgaria.
    The amazing, thoughtful work that Cedar does gives me hope that the circumstances in which
    these children in Kyustendil and Kazanlak are born will not be the circumstances in which they
    spend their lives. It gives me confidence that there are people who understand the lack of
    justice and its social factors and decide to dedicate their careers to tackling it.
    Most of the volunteer work I do for The Cedar Foundation involves translation of the articles
    they publish on the problems that the members of their team face and the solutions they
    propose and enact.

    Due to my personal circumstances, I’m not working in the field with their child care
    professionals. I am also not lobbying for changes in the governmental approach to children and
    youths in need. But I believe that helping out the people who help out the most is more than just a gesture to
    these children and youths. By helping The Cedar Foundation publish its content in English, I
    believe I am contributing to a heightened awareness of everything they do, and, by extension, to
    a stronger, international support of their work.
    This is why I strongly recommend volunteering for Cedar. Giving them a hand in achieving their
    goals helps children and youths live healthier, more educated and dignified lives.

    Andrey Krachkov

  • I had previously cared for some of these residents when they lived at an orphanage nearby, so
    I was thankful for the opportunity to begin volunteering with the Cedar Foundation so that I could
    visit one of the residents whom I had previously known.The most valuable aspect of my
    participation is that two times a week I get to spend quality time with a young lady who hasn’t
    had a lot of love poured into her life throughout the years. I know that my time investment and
    my investment of myself in another life is making a difference. This is very satisfying, especially
    as I see her responding to such an outpouring of love. I know that my visits are improving the
    life of this young lady and I am thankful for the opportunity afforded me by the Cedar

    Cecily Willard

  • My desire to become a volunteer was born of my interest in children. I came across the work of the Cedar Foundation on the internet and I was very impressed by the initiatives and projects through which they support, develop and fight for a better future for the underprivileged children in Bulgaria. I wanted to become a part of the team, which is so dedicated to supporting the children. My motivation is also entangled with my desire to bring my knowledge and experience to something that gives me so much satisfaction. I was very happy when I was approved and joined the volunteer team. As a volunteer, I help Cedar develop their website. My knowledge and skills in web design are readily implemented in the foundation’s website. My communication with Alex, who is part of the Cedar team makes volunteering even more pleasant and makes me even happier to be helping them. I believe that volunteering helps me be a better person and allows me to contribute to the heightened awareness of Cedar’s work online.

    When I talk to my friends about the Cedar Foundation, I always share two things. On one hand, how invigorating and inspiring it is to contribute, and, on the other, how this is an opportunity for me to express the necessity within me to help.

    Ivelina Ivanova

  • I am a volunteer and consultant with the Cedar Foundation having worked for 20 years in UK with children with disabilities. I was introduced to Cedar Foundation in 2007 and have supported their work since then, helping with training and advice as required. I am excited that Cedar Foundation is at the forefront in helping the authorities in Bulgaria to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children.This is a big motivation for me in doing what I can to support their work. I visit one of the small group homes in Kazanlak twice a week and have seen many improvements in the children. Several of the children were in pampers day and night and now after one year, many of them are using the toilet appropriately. Some of the children are now attending school or day care services, giving them different opportunities and experiences. It is also good to see the children helping with laundry, hanging clothes on the drier and folding items up when they are dry.As I was leaving the group home one day, a child who doesn’t normally speak, said Ciao and blew me a kiss. I was very touched by this small gesture. When I see how the children are flourishing in the smaller, more family type environments it fills me with hope that these children will have a much better quality of life. I want to continue to support this important work in the hope that my small contribution will help to make a difference.”

    Anne Luck

  • I decided to volunteer spontaneously- a friend told me that The Cedar Foundation was looking for volunteers and I joined without hesitation. The first volunteer activity in which I took part was Around the World in a Day in June 20015. I was so excited that I would be able to contribute to the fundraising for the children and youths from the family-type homes. I ended up having a wonderful day outside among young and active people from around the country. My contribution to the foundation is small and sporadic – I participate in some of the weekend fundraising activities.

    Volunteering gives me so much satisfaction – I need to do something, even if it is a little, to further the causes which I believe are important. I would recommend volunteering to everyone because donating one’s time is meaningful and brings about change in a cumulative, global sense.

    Eva Stoyanova

  • I learned about Cedar almost four years ago, through my acquaintance with Alexandrina Dimitrova. I have always wanted to contribute through volunteering, but I was still looking for a cause which I could identify with, and which I could incorporate into my busy everyday life. I rarely miss a pub quiz and I always attend with huge enthusiasm. A little over a year ago, I learned that the foundation is in search of volunteers who would translate articles in and from English. I am a linguist by education, which meant this opportunity is entirely in my area of expertise and I can easily combine it with my day job as it is not something that requires me to put in a certain amount of time each day. Communication with Cedar is incredibly effective; most of the time I can set the deadlines for the document translations and, whenever I receive an email from Cedar, asking me for a translation, I feel very happy.

    Volunteering greatly inspires me and I would gladly recommend it to everyone who is interested.

    Russalia Kovatcheva

For additional information on volunteering with The Cedar Foundation, please contact us on e-mail: office@cedarfoundation.org.