One of Cedar’s youths took part in “Voice it 2018: We Decide with the Children”

One of Cedar’s youths took part in “Voice it 2018: We Decide with the Children”
November 21, 2018 Александра Попова

Georgi who lives in one of our centers in Kazanlak participated in this year’s edition of the “Voice it 2018: We Decide with the Children” forum. The event took place on November 20 at the Serdica Ancient Cultural and Communicative Complex. Along with other students and teenagers from the “Megaphone” Youth Network, Georgi discussed issues related to their rights. He also had a prepared presentation on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The topic which the youths chose for the 2018 edition of “Voice it: We Decide with the Children” was sexual health education: what it is, its current state in Bulgaria as well the required changes for its improvement. The discussion was oriented towards the importance of sexual education, the frameworks under which it can operate and its necessary changes.

The youths took active part in the forum’s organization. Georgi built a special model construction for the “Megaphone” Youth Network’s stand. He was very excited to be a part of the event: “At “Megaphone” we meet with other youths from the country. We discuss topics which are interesting and important to us. We play games, and do all kinds of activities, which make us feel good and well-integrated.”

The construction of the design of “Megaphone” stand is not accidental. Georgi is incredibly dexterous and talented and he has created model constructions for various events. Georgi loves mountain biking  and says that he has fulfilled his dreams of studying at a professional high school and mountain biking. Today he dreams of a new bike and of winning one of the biggest mountain biking competitions in Bulgaria.

Georgi will participate in the “Megaphone” youth network for a period of two years. The Cedar Foundation is providing a supportive adult who assists Georgi with the preparation and organization of the events in which he is involved. “I really like these meetings because I can meet new and different people. Apart from that I also develop new abilities like working as part of a team. This is one of the most valuable things to me. Moreover, meeting new people has given me so many opportunities and has opened various different doors for me.”