Unforgettable day with Murphys Misfits Rugby Club Sofia

Unforgettable day with Murphys Misfits Rugby Club Sofia
July 17, 2017 Александра Попова

Last Saturday, part of our children and young people in Kazanlak spent an unforgettable day with the players from Murphys Misfits Rugby Club Sofia. They had the opportunity to play touch-rugby and learn interesting facts about the sport itself and its culture, as well as get to know some of the professions of the contestants.

Before the start of the game, representatives of the club explained the rules of touch rugby and all together joined a group warm-up, after which they split into two teams. With much enthusiasm and willingness the little competitors played tirelessly over an hour. In such a game there are no winners or losers – the great performance and the smiles were enough for everyone!

After the game the contestants from Murphy’s Misfits visited the family house for a pizza party, during which they made interactive presentations about their professions. Our children and teenagers had the opportunity to learn more about 3 different professional spheres.

During the first presentation, they learned about the work of video game makers and realized that with desire and effort they can turn their hobby into work.

The second presentation showed them more about the way social media works – what is its purpose and how it can work for the benefit of the companies. A useful part of this presentation was the information about the computer security, proper behavior, and personal data protection in online space.

In the last lecture by entertaining games, they learned about the work of programmers and realized that, contrary to all their beliefs, mathematics could be interesting and entertaining.

Each of the presentations was valuable for our children and young adults because it showed them that a profession could be not just a job but also a passion and a vocation! We are grateful to Murphys Misfits for the long-term support and unforgettable memories we create together!


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