The NGO “Future for Children” and the Cedar Foundation presented the “Future for Children” Annual Awards in Kazanlak

The NGO “Future for Children” and the Cedar Foundation presented the “Future for Children” Annual Awards in Kazanlak
June 26, 2017 Александра Попова

On June 6th in Kazanlak, the organization “Future for Children” and the Cedar Foundation presented awards to institutions, organizations, companies and volunteers who have supported children and youth in Kazanlak throughout the year. The prize is awarded for the third time and it aims to stimulate charity and volunteering.

Within a month, a record number of nominations were received from different organizations working in the sphere in three main categories  “Public person” – for overall contribution to the children of Kazanlak; “Friend of the Child” – for volunteers and individuals; “Business with a Cause” – for companies that continuously support various child-related causes. The winners were nominated by a jury comprised of highly recognized experts and received their awards at the official event.

  • In the “Public person” Category, the award was presented to Petya Minkova – Director of the National High School of Plastic arts and Design “Acad. Dechko Uzunov “.
  • In the category “Business with a Cause” the award was presented to Vladimir Spasov from M + S Hydraulic
  • In the “Friend of the Child” category the award was presented to Boryana Koskina, a long-standing advocate in the work with children with disabilities

The Executive Director of the Cedar Foundation Alexandrina Dimitrova also presented special awards for initiatives and campaigns for the children to Inner Wheel Club Kazanlak, Gadulitsa Ensemble and Kindergarten “Mecho Puh”.

“I am very glad that this year the Cedar Foundation is partnering with the Future for Children Association in organizing and presenting the awards. I am happy because events like this prove that here in Kazanlak institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals are working together to support the children. We at the Cedar Foundation run the Family Type Centers and the Protected home in town and we provide individual care for 43 children and teenagers. Our incredible team consists of people with big hearts. But we could not do so without you. Thank you all for your support! “- Mrs. Dimitrova shared during the ceremony.

During the event, there were performances of talented children from Kazanlak, including clients of the Cedar Foundation family type centers. The event was supported by the Municipality of Kazanlak, New York Pub – Kazanlak and chitalishte “Vazrodena Iskra 2000”.


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