Summer camp in Panitsite area

Summer camp in Panitsite area
July 24, 2017 Александра Попова

The children and young people from our Family-type houses and Protected home in Kazanlak visited the children’s summer camp in Panitsite area and spent unforgettable days in the mountains near Kalofer.

During the camp they had the opportunity to get to know the area and walk along the beautiful eco-trail “Byala reka”. They also visited Kalofer, the monument of Hristo Botev, the National Museum of Vasil Levski and other cultural and natural landmarks. It was organized a real adventure – a no-map orientation in the National Park Central Balkan.

Various activities aimed to bring together the children, young adults and the team. They all took part in exciting and entertaining games such as “Read and pass it on” and “Choose a picture and tell a story about it”. Nature lovers took part in competition for best photo of a natural landmark. It was organized also an evening of talent during which everyone has the opportunity to show what he is capable of and like to do.

Football and volleyball tournaments were organized for fans of the sport. Cedar team participated in the competition, and the winners were awarded special cups. With the support of our therapists were organized various labor- and art-therapy activities.

Along with the fun, fresh air and nature walks, everyone had the opportunity to feel like a part of a great team!


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