Social Rehabilitation and Integration Centre “Sineva”

The Cedar Foundation’s Social Rehabilitation and Integration Centre was opened in Kyustendil during the autumn of 2015. This is a place where young people with intellectual difficulties from different institutions, safe homes, or family environment receive quality support for their individual development. The goal is for them to develop their skills and acquire new ones, to increase their independence and to be given the opportunity for real social integration.

The centre is working with a team of high-qualified specialist, among which are social workers, speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, work therapist, art therapist and others. The services that are offered, are in three main directions:

Consultancy service, which offers social and family consultations and psychological support based on the individual condition of the customer and their family.

Therapeutic service – speech therapy, art therapy, work therapy and sensor therapy. They aim to effect on the overall development of the customer.

Rehabilitation service, which include social rehabilitation, cognitive, psychological and medical physiotherapy.

Today the centre is working with 35 young people who regularly attend the classes. The work with different specialist, based on the personal needs of every visitor, helps for their fast adaptation and they come eagerly and with big interest. This corresponds to the fact that the young people with disabilities are usually isolated, don’t have access to education or work and are forced to spend their days behind the walls of their homes.

Among the important specifics of the center is that it works not only with the young people but also with their family and close ones of which is provided psychological support and directions for adequate help in the family. The aim is for them to be informed about the goals and the development of their kid and to be involved in the process of support in the home environment, so the results achieved in the center could be strengthen and further developed.