Radoslav’s Story

Radoslav’s Story
June 12, 2020 Адриана Гоцова

This story begins with a campaign for collecting kitchen tools and household items for our Small Group Homes. Among dozens of coffee cups, forks, spoons, toasters, knives and a myriad of emails from all over the country we not only found support and understanding but also attracted real ambassadors for our cause. One of them was Rado who initiated an internal fundraising campaign among his colleagues. Rado created his own advertising poster for the campaign and communicated it to his colleagues. The tools and materials that they gathered were soon delivered directly to our central office in Sofia.

But Rado’s story doesn’t end here. Few months later Rado and his wife celebrated their wedding and encouraged their guests to donate instead of buying bouquets. Part of the money they raised that day went to the Cedar Foundation. In this way we were made part of their most special day.

As a real ambassador Rado promoted and shared our mission not only among his colleagues and relatives but also with the management of the company he worked for. Shortly after the company made a corporate donation for Cedar foundation.

We are grateful to our ambassadors for their dedication! You are an inspiration to us!