Pub quiz

Where was Napoleon born? How many centimetres are there in one inch? What is Hugh Grant’s occupation in the romantic comedy “Notting Hill”?

Do you want to embark on a race that can test the strength of your knowledge?

Gather up to five of your friends, form a team and take the challenge together! Measure the power of your knowledge about the world and the sharpness of your intuition. Join the Cedar Foundation’s regular Pub Quiz, where along with the thrill of victory, you can also take a sip of beer after a long day of work. You can new and interesting people who, just like you, like to aid good causes and have fun. Want to try your luck? We have a raffle too!

The participation fee is 100 leva per team and all funds collected during the event will be used by the Cedar Foundation to support disadvantaged children and youth. The winning team will receive a generous prize, the losing team – a sweet booby prize and to all the participants in the event, we guarantee the satisfaction of joining a noble and entertaining initiative.

An initiative that changes lives!