Martin’s Birthday

Martin’s Birthday
March 20, 2018 Александра Попова

Party with a cause is a wonderful opportunity to make your special day even more memorable.

Last week we were contacted by Martin Gikov, who had decided to celebrate his birthday while supporting the children and youth we care for. He invited his friends and relatives to use the money they would otherwise spend for his presents to make a donation to The Cedar Foundation. Together they supported a disabled young adult who lives in one of our family-type homes.

“The satisfaction and the joy knowing that this young man would receive quality care and support made me decide to unite my birthday party and The Cedar Foundation’s cause. Moreover, this organization has proved to be a very reliable partner and the results they achieve are truly impressive, giving these children and youth the opportunity to have the same rights as everyone else in our society.  However, I must admit that I adopted this idea from Hristo Hristov, whose birthday party I recently attended.

“All the guests and friends were excited that they could enjoy themselves while doing good and contributing to someone else’s well-being. On another note, most of them shared that not having to look for a present saved them time and effort.

“I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to feel differently and cultivate a lot of positive energy!”

The Cedar Foundation team would like to thank Martin and all his close friends and relatives- Hristo, Iveta, Yuli and Milena, Marieta, Rosen and Stefi, Angel and Vyara, Hristo and Dans Vanevi, Annie and Percy, Ivan Atanasov, Emo and Gabi, Anita and Doby, Stanimir and Petya, Georgi Chochkov, Metodi and Lilly, Mario and Simona, Nasko and Darina, Alexander and Galya, Moni and Nora, Marin, Yavor, and Eva. We would also like to thank everyone who made anonymous donations.


If you would like to learn more about our Party with a Cause initiative, please, contact Iva Hadzhiyska at +359 884 962 986 or email her at