Let me tell you…

Let me tell you…
September 12, 2017 Александра Попова

My name is Hristiyan, but my friends call me Hris. Oh yes, I have a lot of friends now and the people of Cedar Foundation is a great part of them. Since they are supporting me, my life has changed rapidly.I am now 21 years old, but when I was born, I was diagnosed with a terrible decease. And according to this, I was not able to do a lot of thing. And I couldn’t, but not because of the diagnosis, but because there was no one to show me how – to me and to the others 60 kids, with whom I’ve spent 16 years of my life behind the walls of an orphanage for disabled children. When I was living alone, I was aggressive, didn’t talk, didn’t know how to behave around others and preferred to stay away from others. Although I was a teenager, I needed diapers all the time, for nobody had told me how to deal without them…In 2010 with the help of the Cedar Foundation I moved to a family-type home in Kyustendil and thanks to the individual care I am getting every day, I turned into an entirely different person – with the chance to learn so many new things. And I am happy, because I am able to now go to work, have a paycheck, go shopping all by myself, be trusted and be able to deal with cash. I have long ago forgotten not only the diapers, but I am now able to fully take care of my hygiene and I enjoy helping the household in the family-type home, where I live. I wanted to be alone once, now I love being with other people, singing and dancing. I can’t wait to begin with my folklore dances lessons.And I don’t think about the diagnosis, because it wasn’t that was stopping me from develop. It was the fact, that there was nobody to show me how to do it while I was growing. Well, there is now, and I hope this would last.


*The name of the young adult is changed


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