Join us for a charity cocktail

Join us for a charity cocktail
September 15, 2020 Адриана Гоцова

The first of its kind virtual charity event in Bulgaria, “There Is No Place Like Home” will take place on 30.09.20 at 7pm. The purpose is to raise funds for providing a secure home to children and young adults, who are at risk or with heavy disabilities.

Joining the event is easy and having a good time is guaranteed. Regardless if you are in Bulgaria or somewhere else, at home or on a vacation with your favourite people, you can become part of the Foundation’s society and contribute to the cause.

An easy and free registration on the dedicated website of the event will give you access to it and the only thing you need is an internet connection. As a virtual guest you will be able to feel as if you truly are at a cocktail with an entertaining programme, as well as to join in the online challenge Home is… One of the participants will win an IKEA shopping voucher for BGN 200. To participate in the challenge, you need to show us a photo that represents what home means to you. We will be expecting your photos as a private message on the Foundation’s Facebook page.

While you are enjoying all the events of the evening, support the cause with just a few clicks on the website. You can do a direct donation to a particular need – for example, physiotherapy, summer camp, a custom-made wheelchair, education materials, etc. Or you can choose and buy tickets to the charity raffle with attractive prizes such as a weekend getaway in the mountains, a balloon flight, a rented electromobile, a basket with delicacies, personalized workouts, etc. Participate for your favourite prize now. You will find out if you have won, during the virtual event.

The event will be held in English. Register here.

How to register for the Cedar Foundation virtual charity cocktail?