German interns in the Cedar Foundation family homes

German interns in the Cedar Foundation family homes
May 4, 2018 Александра Попова

In the spring of 2018, the Cedar foundation welcomed two interns within its partnership with the German organization Robert Kümmert Akademiе on a project, financed by the program Erasmus+. The interns Lucas and Karo worked for one month in two of the Cedar’s family houses in Kazanlak.
Throughout their stay, they managed to keep all the children and young adults engaged. From the very beginning, they applied individual approach to the children and young adults in the center and forged an emotional bond with them. Both interns got actively involved in different workshops and therapeutic sessions as well as in everyday activities like shopping, feeding and cleaning.
Apart from the children and young adults, the interns created strong bonds with the foundation’s team, despite the language barrier between them. “Right from the very beginning of their stay in Kazanlak, we helped them learn several Bulgarian words, by writing them in the Latin alphabet, so that they can remember them easier. This helped them communicate with their colleagues better. But even when they did not understand our language, they applied great sensitivity, which helped them communicate wonderfully with everyone.” – shared Denitsa.

Throughout the entire month the interns initiated different activities, which made the everyday life of the children and young adults more interesting and exciting.
“We are happy that we had the chance to carry out different projects. The team always created a positive working environment and supported our ideas. One of the most exciting experiences was painting the columns in one of the houses. We had the children and young adults do their handprints with paint. Everybody had lots of fun and were feeling relaxed. Even one of the young adults, of whose reaction we were not sure, came to us in his wheelchair, moving on his own with his hands open. The entire experience had a very positive impact on his behaviour.
We decided to do finger painting on paper on the next day, to make him this happy again. “ – Lucas and Karo said.
The team of the Cedar Foundation fully counted on the support of the interns, had full trust in them and thanked them for the devotion, motivation and care. The foundation hopes to continue this partnership in 2019 as well and is looking forward to welcome more interns from the academy.