Future for Children Annual Awards

Future for Children Annual Awards
June 7, 2018 Александра Попова

On June 6th The Cedar Foundation and Future for Children Association gave out the annual Future for Children awards at the Museum of Roses in Kazanlak. The ceremony gave the opportunity to the people who have supported the children in Kazanlak in the past year to come into the spotlight and receive recognition for their work. The awards were given out for the fourth consecutive year and their aim is to promote donations and volunteering at the local level.

All organizations who work with children – schools, kindergartens, clubs, local libraries, media, children’s centers and social services—were eligible for the award. The jury, which elected the winners among 19 nominations, was comprised of members of Future for Children Association, The Cedar Foundation, the municipality of Kazanlak as well as the local media.

Awards were given out in three major categories: ‘Public Figure’, ‘Business with a Cause’ and ‘Friend of the Children’. In addition, three volunteer initiatives received special recognition.

The ‘Public Figure’ award was given to Ginka Shtereva, the Ombudswoman of Kazanlak, who has been a leader in the support of youths in local schools.

Galina Stoyanova, the mayor of Kazanlak, personally handed the ‘Business with a Cause’ prize to  the construction firm Neshstroi for their sponsorship of the local Rozova Dolina football club as well as for their commitment to the maintenance of the “Paysii Hilendarski” elementary school.

In the category with the most nominations, Dimitar Gaydarov won the ‘Friend of the Children’ award. Dimitar Gaydarov is a conductor, composer and musician who is wholeheartedly committed to Bulgarian folklore and the Bulgarian children. For more than a year he has been working in one of the family-type homes operated by The Cedar Foundation. Mr. Gaydarov brings in an unreserved amount of energy to his musical lessons, which he approaches with attention and care for every youth in his classroom. In addition, Mr. Gaydarov is always able to confer to his students his belief that music can unite people and make them better. The “Friend of the Children” award was handed to Mr. Gaydarov by the youths under the care of The Cedar Foundation, who shared their gratitude for his unwavering effort and his generosity with his time.

Three volunteer initiatives received special recognition—the “Candy for Tsetsi” campaign whose aim was to gather support for an ill child, the civil initiative in support of the family-type homes, and the initiative of the rockers from moto-club “Red Roses” who dress up as Santa Claus and give presents to the children in the city.

Talented children from Kazanlak, including the youths from Mr. Gaydarov’s class in The Cedar Foundation’s family-type homes, sang at the awards.

The Future for Children awards are made possible through the dedicated support of the municipality of Kazanlak, The Cedar Foundation, The Museum of Roses, New York pizzeria, and the Municipal Children’s Center “St. Ivan Rilski”.