From now on you will read and hear about Stefko!

From now on you will read and hear about Stefko!
September 12, 2017 Александра Попова

“Very few he needed to unlock his full potential” – says the volunteer Simeon Andreev, when he talks about the development and achievements of Stefcho – 19-year-old young man from the protected home of The Cedar Foundation in Kazanlak. Before he started living there, Stefcho has spent his entire childhood in institutions where his life has not been kind to him and he has experienced difficulties that most boys at his age do not know.
The friendship between Simeon and Stefcho arose during our 10th Charity Ball, where the two met for the first time. From the very beginning Simo notices the great potential that Stefcho owns and after seeing the thirst for knowledge in his eyes, he decides to help him. “I believed immediately in him and I was sure that I want to help him with what he needed most – namely education.”
Simeon felt that Stefko needs teacher with years of experience who will approach with understanding and respect for him. A teacher that works not only on his knowledge but on his confidence. In addition to providing lessons in Kazanlak, Simo makes an annual subscription for Stefcho in the Bulgarian portal for educational video lessons in all school subjects – Уча.се.
At the beginning Stefcho starts with lessons only in mathematics, but after the first 4 lessons his teacher considers that he has far greater capabilities and will be able to combine well math with lessons in Bulgarian and English. Her aim is both to help him improve his knowledge as well to believe more in himself, be more confident and sure.
Only a few months after starting lessons Stefko successfully took his first exams. Besides his quick progress in learning, he started working in the rosary in Kazanlak and says he feels great and wants “to catch the life in his hands.” Stefcho often sent pictures of his excellent notes in his notebook to Simo and is much more confident in his knowledge, pleased with his success and promises to fully carry out his mission – the mission Education.
Simo appreciates his friendship with Stefcho, he is extremely proud of his achievements and is adamant: “From now on you will read and hear about him!”