Friend in Need

Sudden home repairs, unplanned travel, pet emergencies or kids got sick weeks before payday…
All of us have been in a situation where we need to spend on an unplanned trip, cough medicine or plumbing service.
How do we handle such situations? Most often we reach out to a friend.

For the teams of caregivers at the Cedar foundation unpredictable expenses are a common issue. Which is to be expected since they are in charge of taking care of 70 children and young adults.

Friend in need is a new program to help the Cedar foundation cover minor unpredictable expenses. The program requires monthly donations of 30 leva which would go toward medical, transportation or house repair expenses for the children and youth residing in our care.

Get involved now. Become our friend.

*Аs a registered “friend” you would be receiving our special quarterly newsletter.

Get involved

Sponsor a Child

Together with the American organization Orphan Sponsorship International (OSI), we developed the program “Sponsor a Child” for the children we are constantly taking care of in our family-type homes in Kyustendil and Kazanlak. The sponsorship of one child is $35 per month (60 BGN) and the entire amount is used only for the child’s needs.

Party with a cause

Are you fed up with trying to find a place for useless and unnecessary gifts? Are you tired of trying to come up with new and exciting gift ideas? Next time why not give your loved ones an opportunity? The opportunity to share your joy with the ones in need and be socially proactive.

List of necessary materials

In our daily work we often find ourselves in need for materials and equipment for our activities and development of the children and young adults in our family-type homes and the Social Rehabilitation and Integration Center.

Become a volunteer

Being a volunteer for The Cedar Foundation means to dedicate your time, skills and efforts to improve the lives of the children and young people with special needs that we help. As a volunteer, you will challenge yourself to try something different, you’ll develop your skills, and have the opportunity to meet new interesting people.