For a second consecutive year, volunteers from Switzerland supported the children and young people from the family-houses in Kazanlak

For a second consecutive year, volunteers from Switzerland supported the children and young people from the family-houses in Kazanlak
June 23, 2017 Александра Попова

For the second year a group of students from the International School of Zug and Luzern, Switzerland, visited the children and young people that The Cedar Foundation support in Kazanlak. The students spent 3 days in the city and took part in a number of volunteer initiatives that would improve the lives of the kids and young adults from the protected home and family-type houses.

On the first day of their stay here, the volunteers visited all the services that the foundation manage in Kazanlak and met the children and young people, living in them. Very quickly they were able to build a strong relationship with each other and overcome the verbal barriers.

“When we very first came to the first family home it was unexpected. Even though we knew we will be working with disabled young people, meeting them and them coming up to us, was a whole different thing, because you actually interact with them and learn how to deal with people, who you don’t meet every day. I think it is actually a great experience, because we meat a lot of new people and we have learned how to deal with people with disabilities”, – said one of the volunteers.

At the end of the first day the volunteers and the children from the family-houses took part in a rose-picking, organized especially for them by the Community centre in the village of Razovo. The volunteers were welcomed by the organizers with bread and honey according to an old Bulgarian tradition. Apart from the rose-picking, they took part in a folk dance lesson along with a large number of the residents.

“The rose-picking was very cool experience, because we learned so much about the Bulgarian traditions and how everything works”, – said Alex – another volunteer from the International school.

During their stay in Kazanlak, the students took part in various volunteer initiatives, such as planting flowers and vegetables, for which the children and young people will continue to care. The volunteers also painted the playground in one of the houses and part of the walls in the centers. They also helped create sensory therapy tents, which will provide children and young adults with disabilities the possibility of sensory experiences such as touch, movement, taste, hearing, body perception.

On the last day of the volunteers’ stay, a barbecue party was organized, which involved the children and young people from all the houses and part of the team that took care of them. The volunteers were awarded certificates and small gifts, with which the Cedar Foundation expressed its gratitude for their support and dedication during the project.


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