Family-type Homes “Siyanie”

In 2010, The Cedar Foundation closed the Institutional home for children with mental disabilities in the village Gorna Koznitsa and took out all 58 children and young people with disabilities, who lived there, in environment, where they receive quality care. The Foundation has coordinated all of the steps to prepare the children for the transference, facilitated their smooth relocation to family-type houses, developed and implemented a new tool for assessing their skills and needs.

In addition, in partnership with the Municipality of Kyustendil, The Cedar Foundation created and took over the management of the first of its kind Family-type Homes for disabled children and young people. The Foundation manages the centers even today. They are in Kyustendil and are called “Siyanie” – 2 houses and 2 apartments in different parts of the city.

In the houses, Cedar’s team provides 24-hour quality family-type care to 24 children and young people with disabilities, taken from the institution in Gorna Koznitsa or accommodated in case of emergency situation.

In the family-type homes it has been built an environment which is as close as possible to the family one. In the centre work a total of 36 employees of the foundation – social therapists, social workers, occupational therapists and team leaders, who support the children and young people in their daily lives and help them to be more independent. The team establishes contacts with schools and potential employers for the young people, organizes festivals, tours and participations in events in the city.

The teams go through introductory and upgrading trainings, regular supervision and opportunities to share their experiences and learn new practices. They work with very child/young adult individually according to their needs and preferences, and the family environment enhances their sense of security. The Foundation also provides various opportunities for integration for the children and young people into the community so that they are complete members of the society.