Family-type Homes and a Protected Home, Kazanlak

The Cedar Foundation manages three Family-type Centers and a Protected Home in Kazanlak, where it provides 24-hour individual care for 45 children and young people deprived of parental care. Most of them have disabilities and have lived in institutional homes in different parts of the country. There they have grown in isolation, and the lack of attention and love has affected their live.

In the four houses, each child and young adult receives respect, support and individual care, according to his personal needs and potential. The Cedar Foundation team supports the social integration of the children and young people. They attend day centers, mass schools and kindergartens, which help them develop their skills and acquire new ones. With each child and young adult the team works individually, according to pre-established model, based on his own needs and requirements. The Foundation also provides different initiatives and opportunities for integrating the children and young people into the community so that they can feel as important members of the community and become more independent.

In the long term, the goal of the foundation for the children and young people is to grow love, self-sufficient, to learn to make their own decisions and when it’s possible – to start working.

In the centre work a total of 47 employees of the foundation – social therapists, social workers, occupational therapists and team leaders, rehabilitators who support the children and young people in their daily lives and help them to be more independent.