Developing the Mentorship Program of the Cedar Foundation

Developing the Mentorship Program of the Cedar Foundation
August 23, 2018 Александра Попова

For the children and youths who live in one of our centers in Kazanlak, summer vacation is brimming with fun experiences, with preparations for the upcoming summer camps, and with lots of practical activities. Since June, they have been participating in regular group work, which aims to reinforce their personal development, their strengths and ability to lead an independent lives.

This group work is part of the larger “Find me. Look at me. Support me. Support for independent living and social inclusion” project, which is funded by the European Union as part of the “Human Resources Development” operational program. The activities with the children and the youths are planned and realized by two mentors— one of which is a psychologist— and with the support of Cedar’s Program Director.

The mentors’ activities with the children aim to aid them in the development of valuable skills and abilities for a meaningful realization of their talents and to allow them to further their strengths and gifts.

There are three main topics on which the mentors and the children work are working—Self-knowledge, Communication and Social Contacts, and Social Inclusion.

Thus, in the process of engaging with these natural and engaging activities, the participating children and youths have the opportunity to develop new knowledge, to widen their perspective and to learn to work better as part of a team. This in turn, allows them to participate in society from a completely different position; it boosts their confidence and excites their ambition for self-improvement.