Active campaign

Cook with me - From the garden to the kitchen

Cooking therapy workshops for people with disabilities

Cooking classes are part of the occupational therapy program at our centers for people with intellectual disabilities. They help create work habits and home care skills. Through them, the young people we care for gain self-confidence and learn to be more independent – to choose their own products, to cut, knead and bake, and to put together a weekly menu.

In addition, over the last few years young people with intellectual difficulties, with the help of our staff, started to grow home-grown vegetables and herbs in the courtyard, which they use for salads and pickles and as seasonings for the dishes they prepare.

This campaign aims to provide 12 workshops to prepare different meals. The 6000 BGN will support the work of our occupational therapists and provide materials for planting and maintaining the garden, as well as products for the cooking.