Charity Lunch at IG Soft’s office in Support of The Cedar Foundation

Charity Lunch at IG Soft’s office in Support of The Cedar Foundation
December 6, 2018 Александра Попова

With an eye on the upcoming holidays the Activities Committee of the online games software company IG Soft invited its employees to join in their charity Christmas market and to support The Cedar Foundation’s cause.

To participate in the initiative, employees prepared some of their favorite delicacies, which were then sold at the Christmas Lunch in the company office. IG Soft’s team said that they took the initiative to heart and really enjoyed themselves—both preparing the food and during the event itself.

“It was amazing! We never expected that so many people would participate and so readily too! We are immensely happy with the outcome of the Christmas market and hope that it would benefit The Cedar Foundation. We would be happy to do it again next year!”

Nearly 1100 leva were raised during the event which will serve to provide quality care for the children and youths in our family-type homes.

The Cedar Foundation’s team would like to thank IG Soft for their continued support and for the example they give to other organizations through events such as the charity lunch. Everyone who would like to support our initiative can do so by organizing a similar event and donating the raised funds to our cause.