A Charity Ball raises donations for children with disabilities

A Charity Ball raises donations for children with disabilities
October 29, 2019 Адриана Гоцова

Alexandrina Dimitrova, CEO of the Cedar Foundation, gave an interview for Good Morning Bulgaria on Bulgaria ON AIR TV.

The biggest charity event organised by the Cedar Foundation – Changemakers Charity Ball – will take place at 7pm on November 2nd in Central Military Club in Sofia.

This year will be the 14th edition of the ball and its aim is to raise money that will help provide care for more than 105 children and youngsters with disabilities.

“This is our annual event. We gather more than 300 representatives from socially responsible businesses and give them the opportunity to take part in our cause,” explained Alexandrina.

As part of the event there is a charity auction for exclusive items and experiences donated by high-profile people and companies.

“The donor´s profile is changing throughout the years. 5 years ago guests of the ball were mostly foreigners whereas in the past few years more than 70% of the guests have been Bulgarians. They usually are people working in well-known companies. People in Bulgaria become more familiar with donating and they respond more to such causes,” explains Dimitrova.

Editor: Ralica Bratanova