“Cedar Foundation made our childhood dream come true”

“Cedar Foundation made our childhood dream come true”
February 24, 2018 Адриана Гоцова

At the end of 2017, we contacted the parents of two children, a brother and a sister, who were adopted that same year, and are currently living in the USA. After removing them from a state orphanage in 2015, we placed them in one of our family-type centers in the town of Kazanlak. During their stay with us, they had our unconditional love and support, found true friends, and developed their natural talents.

We contacted their parents with a request to record a short video in which the children would share what the Cedar Foundation meant to them. Their father told us that the siblings had been so excited by our request that they had written and rehearsed a script they would read in the video. Here is a part of their message:

“Cedar Foundation made our childhood dream come true. It was for the first time there that we had friends whom we will never forget and teachers who were giving us all of their love, support, and kindness.

In these two years, the Cedar Foundation made us and our friends feel special. They took us to various places and taught us that children without parents can do just as much and as good as those with parents. The Cedar Foundation brought us joy. This was new to us, a feeling that allowed us to forget all the yelling, the insults, and the hatred that we had lived with before. The people from the foundation always showed us that we mattered and that to them, we would always be special and important.”