Care for me

“Care for me” is a monthly donations program designed to raise funds for therapy and medical support for disadvantaged children.

For 1 year your regular donation will secure:

How to donate?

Click on the donate button.

Insert the amount in EUR:

35 BGN – 18 EUR, 65 BGN – 33 EUR, 85 BGN – 43 EUR

Tick the box “Make this a monthly donation”

Why is it important to donate regularly?

We rely on our regular donors for achieving financial stability and consistency in the care for the most vulnerable.

Regular donations allow us to plan our activities and make long-term improvements in the care for the children’s health.

Each month, your donation helps us to cover expenses for:

  • Medical aid – emergency medical interventions, which are often necessary due to the complexity of the diagnoses, physical examinations, and dental care.
  • Physiotherapy – the most severely disabled kids, with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, microcephaly, spastic quardiplegia, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, etc. need regular therapeutic massage and mobility exercises. They are used to improve the tonus and circulation of blood, decrease the spasticity of the muscles, and relieve the pain from the unnatural body alignment.
  • Sensory therapy – the therapy for sensory integration is of great importance for the children with disabilities. It helps in the process of getting to know one’s own body, its orientation in space, and the interaction with stimuli from the outside environment. This kind of therapy decreases anxiety, emotional crises and outbursts, improves general physical condition and tonus.
  • Psychological support – psychological aid is a constant part of the complex of therapies for children with disabilities, whose emotional state is very dynamic and can be easily influenced by changes in the routine, the weather, the mood of their peers.

Cedar Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO established in 2005. We work for a positive change in social policies and attitudes towards disadvantaged children and adults

In our work we build and apply high standards of care
through advocacy, development of social services and empowerment of individuals.

Our achievements:

We contribute to the positive change in the lives of over 3000 disadvantaged children and young adults.

We manage 9 social services and we are the biggest NGO provider of “Family-type center” social service in Bulgaria.

We provide individual care to over 100 children and young adults at risk.

Annually we ensure over 11 000 hours of specialized therapy to disadvantaged children and young adults.

Get Involved

Sponsor a Child

Together with the American organization Orphan Sponsorship International (OSI), we developed, we developed the program “Sponsor a Child” for the children we are constantly taking care of in our family-type homes in Kyustendil and Kazanlak. The sponsorship of one child is $35 per month (60 BGN) and the entire amount is used only for the child’s needs.

Party with a cause

Are you fed up with trying to find a place for useless and unnecessary gifts? Are you tired of trying to come up with new and exciting gift ideas? Next time why not give your loved ones an opportunity? The opportunity to share your joy with the ones in need and be socially proactive.

List of necessary materials

In our daily work we often find ourselves in need for materials and equipment for our activities and development of the children and young adults in our family-type homes and the Social Rehabilitation and Integration Center.