A trip to Rila Monastery

A trip to Rila Monastery
June 4, 2018 Александра Попова

After a two-hour trip bus trip through the scenic Rila mountain, the children and youths from the
family-type home in Kyustendil had the opportunity to visit the Rila Monastery and its
surrounding areas. This trip was made possible with the funding of the American organization
Orphan Sponsorship International (OSI).
In the monastery, the youths used the opportunity to walk around the yard, to take photos, to
explore the frescos, and to light a few candles in the church. They filled the cloister with chatter
while walking down the stone roads, among the wondrous murals and amid the fresh mountain
“They are in their usual high spirits because this is a rare opportunity for them to go outside their
everyday surroundings.”- said employees from the caring staff from the Kyustendil, who
accompanied the youths throughout the day.
After purchasing a few souvenirs, the group headed towards the “Kirilova Polyana” area which
is not far from the Rila Monastery. The area is surrounded by some of the most majestic peaks
in the Rila mountains. It welcomed the youths for a few hours of ball games, running around, or
as in Dancheto’s case – for some relaxing suntanning.
After an enjoyable lunch in the open and a whole day full of great experiences, the youths,
pleasantly tired and sleepy, once again departed for Kyustendil.
Upon arriving, Sisi, who had been the most active throughout day, did not miss the opportunity
to put the other strap of his backpack around the shoulder of a member of our team, who was
walking nearby.
“There’s always something you can learn from the children”—shared Veselina, one of the
women, who care for the children. Perhaps, this is an apt summary of a very special day for
them, spent at the Rila Monastery.