The Cedar Foundation working with the state and local governments to create viable means of de-institutionalising Bulgaria


The Cedar Foundation gives disadvantaged people in Bulgaria a better quality of life.

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Annual Charity ball

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The young boys from our protected home are meeting a new vast world

Published on

I want them to live their lives the way I live my life,“ says our labour therapist Todor Vankov discussing the 6 young adults he supports in our protected home in Kazanlak. With this idea in mind, he organized dozens of initiatives in 2015, enabling the young men to discover a different world from the ...

А month of adventures

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June was the month of adventures for the children and young adults from the family-type centers of The Cedar Foundation in Kyustendil. They participated with excitement and enthusiasm in various events and visited new places that diversified their daily lives.

"Let's clean Bulgaria together" united many people in one of the largest volunteer actions ...

Send a text message in support of children and disadvantaged youth

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The Cedar Foundation released DMS donation number that will be active until August 16, 2016. Through the number The Foundation wants to raise the necessary funds for additional subsidies of at least one of the family houses for children and youth with and without disabilities in Kazanlak. The required amount that the organization needs for ...

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Карта на разположението на офиса на организацията в град София Карта на разположението на офиса на организацията в град Казанлък

Sofia Office
Sofia 1404, 69 Bulgaria Boulevard
Mall Bulgaria, floor 3
Tel: +359 2 441 43 45
Mob.: +359 882 55 22 90

Kazanlak Office
Kazanlak 6100
6 Iskra Str., Door 1, Floor 1, Apt. 1

Карта на разположението на офиса на организацията в град Кюстендил

Kyustendil Office
Kyustendil 2500,
"Gerena", 11 "Sinchets" Str.